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Dental Implants
Tinley Park

Tinley Park's Dental Implants are a permanent solution to tooth loss.

Are you missing a tooth? Tinley Park's Dental Implants are the long term smile solution our patients prefer.

Implants are like roots or anchors surgically implanted into the patient’s jaw to where teeth are missing. These implants bond with your natural bone, creating a sturdy base to support one or more artificial teeth.

These artificial teeth are known as crowns. Our crowns are customized to match your existing teeth, seamlessly filling the gap left by a missing tooth, giving you the healthy, confident smile you deserve. Contact us today to speak with our Tinley Park dental implant specialists and learn more.

When you arrive for your first visit, one of our dental implant specialists will take x-rays of your teeth and create molds to help plan your procedure. The doctor will present you with various options to create a custom plan that suits your needs.

This is also a great time to go over your expectations about the procedure and ask any questions you may have about your new dental implants.

Since this is a more complicated procedure, patients can expect longer recovery times.

Your dentist will also help you create a diet plan for your recovery. Usually, this will entail eating mostly soft food for the first 7-30 days. Hot food and drink are discouraged and straws are to be avoided entirely until healing is complete. Likewise, drinking alcohol or smoking must be avoided for at least one week after your procedure.

The good news is that if taken care of, dental implants can last for years. In order to maintain your healthy and beautiful new smile, you’ll need to practice good oral hygiene and eat properly. If you do, the results will be stunning. Call McGonigle Dental Associates today to schedule a consultation and begin your journey to a brand new smile.

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