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Prosthodontist In Tinley Park

Dr. Ashley Nozik at McGonigle Dental Associates has the expertise you’re looking for from a Tinley Park Prosthodontist.

When dealing with tooth loss, you'll need a dentist with specialized skills to give you the best results.

If your treatment includes Dentures, Dental Implants, or Bridges, chances are your dental team will include a prosthodontist. At McGonigle Dental Associates, we're proud to work with Tinley Park's Top Prosthodontists

A prosthodontist is a specialist who has advanced knowledge and experience in the field of tooth replacement. Every prosthodontist is required to receive an additional three years of education beyond a standard dental education. The added expertise and hands-on training that prosthodontists receive means that they are the go-to doctors when a patient is suffering from tooth loss.

Tooth loss is not like other oral health issues. It is a more complicated condition that varies greatly from patient to patient. A prosthodontist specializes in creating unique solutions that are customized to the individual patient’s needs. This allows these experts to create treatment plans that not only provide the most aesthetically pleasing result but also give the patient a functional bite that will improve their overall oral health.

A prosthodontist is a critical member of any dental team who tackles the issue of tooth loss. With a resident prosthodontist on staff at McGonigle Dental Associates, no referral is needed for a specialist. We have you covered from your first consultation to the actual procedure and the recovery.

Having that continuity of care under a single roof enables open communication throughout your entire experience. We want all our patients to know that they are an active participant in their treatment. To that end, your prosthodontist and the rest of our dental staff will walk you through every step of the process, ensuring that you are well informed throughout.

Having a specialist like a prosthodontist helps our patients feel secure in the knowledge that they have all the information and know all their options. Working with some of the best Prosthodontists in Tinley Park helps us achieve results that make our patients smile.

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