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Dental Crowns and Bridges In Tinley Park

Having missing or damaged teeth can cause pain, difficulty chewing and self-consciousness about your appearance. If you’re one of the many patients who suffer from this issue, find out about Tinley Park Dental Crowns and Bridges to rejuvenate your perfect smile.

Damaged and missing teeth are two of the most common dental issues patients experience. A misshapen or cracked tooth can put a damper on your confidence and make normal activities like eating or talking unpleasant.

There’s no reason to suffer when a solution is at your fingertips. Call McGonigle Dental Associates today to find out why so many people turn to us for Tinley Park's Dental Crowns and Bridges.

A crown is just another word for a tooth-shaped cap designed to fit over a damaged tooth. This crown is a permanent solution to the problem of a worn or broken tooth. Unlike dentures or other removable dental prosthetics, dental crowns don’t require any special care or maintenance aside from normal healthy oral hygiene.

Another reason a crown is a great solution to a damaged tooth is that they are almost undetectable. With the correct materials, your dentist can camouflage your new crown to fit in seamlessly with your existing smile. Best of all, crowns are tailored to your unique situation and are a customized design to meet your specific needs.

A crown is a great solution to the problem of a damaged tooth, but for missing teeth, a different fix is required. Bridges are basically a series of crowns or porcelain teeth connected together.

Like an actual bridge, dental bridges fill in gaps and build a seamless connective arch, which restores your smile to its natural state. Bridges are made of tough stuff -- porcelain fused with metal -- and can last for over 15 years with proper care and maintenance. Crowns and bridges are only a few of the tools in our toolkit here at McGonigle Dental Associates, Tinley Park's best dentists. We want to find the perfect solution to your specific issues and customize it to help ease your discomfort and give you back the smile you deserve.

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