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Inlays and Onlays In Tinley Park

Tinley Park Inlays and Onlays are a solution to restoring gorgeous and natural-looking teeth with porcelain.

Restore your confidence with a gleaming smile that outshines ordinary fillings.

Patients who get our Tinley Park Inlays and Onlays overwhelmingly prefer this more refined treatment to traditional fillings. That’s because porcelain inlays and onlays are considered more elegant and natural-looking than the metal or composite material of a traditional filling.

Modern dentistry offers a bevy of options when it comes to repairing damaged teeth. Inlays are among the most popular. They are porcelain fillings, custom made to precisely match your teeth. They are bonded permanently, but since less of your original tooth is removed in the process, inlays tend to be more comfortable than a crown.

Onlays are also made of porcelain and custom made to fit your teeth. But onlays are more versatile than inlays. Sometimes called partial crowns, onlays can cover not just a damaged tooth, but also the chewing cusps and any other areas in need of reconstruction.

You could be done with your procedure in as little as two visits when you choose
Inlays and Onlays with your best Tinley Park Dentists at McGonigle Dental.

Your First Visit

A series of images and molds will be made of your existing teeth. Then your dentist will use these images and molds to design your inlay. The doctor will then numb the affected tooth before removing any existing fillings or tooth decay. A temporary filling will be applied to protect the affected tooth from damage while your inlay is custom made by our state-of-the-art laboratory.

Your Second Visit

Your dentist will present you with your finished inlay and carefully place it onto the affected tooth. At this point, if you have any concerns about how the inlay looks or feels, you should bring it up to your doctor so that the proper adjustments can be made. Once you’re happy, the dentist will cement the inlay onto the affected tooth, restoring or even improving your smile!

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