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Metal-Free Dentistry In Tinley Park

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Advances in modern dentistry have produced new approaches to common oral health issues. In particular, Tinley Park Metal-Free Dentistry has seen a renaissance in recent years.

Metal-free dentistry is a cutting-edge practice that helps preserve your smile using biocompatible materials to provide a safer and more aesthetically pleasing result.

For decades, the only tools to treat common dental ailments were metal fillings, crowns or other prostheses. But recent research has demonstrated that these cumbersome and unsightly practices were also possibly damaging to oral structures and potentially even posed a health risk.

There are a few reasons for this. Metal does not react well to changes in temperature. This means that it can contract or expand, damaging the affected tooth and the teeth around it. This can also make new gaps around the affected tooth where bacteria can creep in. This can be followed by decay, even down to the root. To remedy this problem, your dentist may have to remove part of the root structure, causing further damage. And on top of all this, the metal material can cause discoloration and staining.

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At McGonigle Dental Associates, we feel it’s important to make the most advanced technology and most cutting-edge procedures available to our patients. Among other state-of-the-art procedures like All-on-Four Dental Implants and Invisalign, we offer metal-free fillings made of composite materials.

These metal-free fillings prevent many of the complications associated with traditional fillings, but also create a more aesthetically pleasing color. The metal-free filling does not require the removal of any existing structures. This helps maintain the health of the tooth and strengthen it over time. Our non-metal composite material is made out of glass and plastic and contains no harmful metal additives such as mercury.

We've introduced Zirconia crowns for occasions when more significant repairs are needed. The zirconium is an incredible biocompatible material that has been shown to be both safer and stronger than traditional porcelain crowns. The aesthetically pleasing material and increased durability make Zirconia crowns a popular treatment for patients looking for Metal-Free Dentistry in Tinley Park.

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