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Wisdom Tooth Extraction In Tinley Park

If you are considering getting Tinley Park Wisdom Tooth Extraction, it’s important to understand your options and to find a dentist you feel is right for the procedure.

At McGonigle Dental, we specialize in this type of dental surgery and have provided many with Tinley Park Wisdom Tooth Extractions and Orland Park.

You can expect our team of tooth extraction specialists to provide you with details about your exact scenario and the different options available to you, including the possibility of Sedation Dentistry for the procedure to make it easier if you are concerned about the experience.

Bacteria and pieces of food can get stuck under the flap of gum where a wisdom tooth is being pushed up to the surface, causing infection. Additionally teeth growing in sideways can cause misalignment of the other teeth.

Symptoms of an impacted wisdom tooth include jaw pain, headaches, swollen or bleeding gums, difficulty opening your mouth and bad breath.

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Most people prefer to be unaware during the experience and opt for IV sedation. If the patient decides to do IV sedation, they must have an adult companion bring them to and from the office and stay with them until they are completely recovered from the sedation. Clicke here for more information on IV Sedation Dentistry.

Otherwise a patient’s mouth will be numbed with a local anesthetic. An incision into the gum will be made in order to cut the tooth into smaller pieces for easier extraction. After the procedure there may be swelling and discomfort, which usually goes away within a few days. This experience will vary patient to patient, depending on the circumstance.

Please call our office today to learn more about wisdom tooth extraction in Tinley Park.

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