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IV Sedation Dentistry with Dr. Kristina Stuedemann

Dental anxiety is not unusual, and people of any age can experience these feelings. At our Tinley Park dental office, our team will happily adjust care to meet your individual needs, so you can receive the treatment you need and desire at a pace that feels comfortable to you. Our relaxing sedation options allow you to stay comfortable throughout treatment and allow us to work more efficiently with patients who suffer from anxiety.

Addressing the Fear

At McGonigle Dental Associates we understand that fear of the dentist is real. We are committed to making your visit quick, easy and pain free. With sedation dentistry,  anxiety-filled dentist visits can be a thing of the past.

One out of seven people suffer from some form of dental anxiety. Those who avoid going to the dentist can often suffer severe consequences. Having the option of IV sedation with Dr. Kristina can help you regain your oral health and get the general or cosmetic dentistry that you have been putting off.

The Benefits

It’s Never Too Late to Start: If fear or lack of time has kept you from getting the dental care you need, IV sedation dentistry is nothing short of a miracle!
Take the Edge Off: Sedation dentistry leaves you relaxed and allows the dentist to accomplish multiple procedures.
Hours Seem Like Minutes: IV Sedation has an amnesic effect, meaning you’ll remember very little of your visit and your time in our office will fly by. When your treatment is over, your companion will take you home and you’ll be amazed that the appointment is already over.
Budget Accommodation: We will make convenient financial arrangements and do a complementary benefits check to ensure that you are maximizing your insurance benefits.

The Process

Schedule a Consultation: Call us today to make an appointment!
Consult and Prepare: We will gather information regarding your health and discuss your goals. X-rays will be taken and a complete treatment plan is presented. We will take your medical history and vital signs and answer any questions you may have about your treatment.
Arrive: Your companion will bring you to the office. We will complete all your paperwork, record your vital signs, and medication is administered. Your experienced sedation team will escort you to the operation room and monitor you throughout the entire procedure to make sure you are relaxed.
Depart: Your companion will take you and your new smile home and stay with you until you are completely recovered from your sedation medication.
Recover: In most cases, you will feel no discomfort or residual effects the next day. You can now regain your confidence and have the smile you’ve always wanted.

Nitrous Oxide

Also called laughing gas, nitrous oxide is a safe sedation method that helps our anxious patients relax while we perform the dental work they need. Nitrous oxide is a sweet smelling gas that, when inhaled, creates a sense of heightened calm and relaxation while you remain conscious throughout your treatment. The effects of nitrous oxide are quite temporary — simply breathe regularly following treatment, and the oxygen in the air will completely reverse the effects of the laughing gas.